Sunday, January 10, 2010

NYC Says Heroin-Yes, Tobacco-No

Last year the New York City (NYC) health commissioner and mayor stated their intent to ban outdoor smoking because 'children should not have to see smokers'. NYC also banned the sale of all flavored tobacco (specifically by professional tobacconists), and mandated that retail tobacconists must place graphic and disgusting images of disease next to our products. Clearly, NYC hates tobacco in a way that transcends science, facts, tolerance, taste, or the value of self-determination and freedom. The bigotry of NYC's legislators and leaders could not be more obvious in a society that ignores the value of protecting smoker and business owner rights. And we know all of this because NYC continues to tax, ban, prohibit, and over-legislate our industry into near extinction.

What we did not know, is that while they are pursuing the prohibition of tobacco, NYC is simultaneously promoting the 'safe' use of heroin - you can't make this stuff up! While NYC forces tobacconists to display images of disease, they provide heroin users with step-by-step guides, colorfully illustrated for their heroin using pleasure! Click on this CRA News Alert to get the full story.

Don't be surprised if NYC [and all of the other towns and cities that mimic these legislators] force bars, liquor and wine stores to post grotesque pictures of drunk driving accident victims; while publishing 'How To Cook Methamphetamine" brochures - Coming to an America in 2010? PROBABLY.

Please read and share this news alert from the CRA; you have to see it to believe it. Channel your anger into pro-activity, make sure you are participating with the CRA, and show your friends the destructive path we are being led down.