Sunday, March 25, 2007

Im Not Angry?

I'm not an angry person. I think. Well, someone told me the other day that while they agreed with Everything I have written in my Blog, I seemed to be angry. Hmmmmm. Well I don't think of myself as an angry person. Perhaps I would use the word passionate.

But it made me think. I have been a retail Tobacconist for almost 15 years and I have grown to love my profession and customers more and more every year. Yet the work has become increasingly difficult. It is a peculiar profession, to say the least.

I am the son and grandson of Cuban refugees. People who came to this great country to escape oppression and gain their freedoms. When you grow up in a house with people that fled their country and left behind everything of value, you tend to have a different perspective. My perspective is that The United States of America is indubitably the greatest country in the world. The personal freedoms in this country, our inalienable rights, the ability to define our pursuit of happiness, freedom of speech, the separation of church and state, and a free/open/transparent society makes America not just different from other countries, but SUPERIOR!, I think.

Frankly, I would rather not have this blog at all. There is no joy in writing this thing. I would prefer to do other things with my time. But I cannot be idle while the very things that make this country great are being compromised out of fear and short-sighted thinking. Remember that in Cuba, they have universal health care and a higher literacy rate than in America !!! BUT THEY HAVE NO FREEDOM!!! When governments define and legislate "healthy" and "good" behaviors, Civilization is in full decline.

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