Monday, April 9, 2007

Freedom Reigns in the Land of Jefferson

Last week, the Virginia General Assembly voted (59 to 40) to continue to allow smoking in restaurants. While the Governor may still veto the bill, this small victory leaves hope for freedom loving Americans (smoking or non) around the country. The Assembly was sensible enough to create a rule where restaurants would display a sign that informs patrons that smoking is allowed on the premises. BRAVO!!! This makes perfect sense since asthmatics and smoke-sensitive people should be aware of the business practices of establishments that allow smoking. Making businesses announce their policies to sensitive customers is the responsible approach to protect uninformed individuals. Legislators throughout the country should take note. Instead of taking away freedoms to "protect" every segment of the population, they should be informing and educating and letting consumers vote with their wallets: that is the American way.

At this point, I should consider renaming this blog the Anti-Smoking-Ban Crusade. I would prefer to write about the organoeleptic delights of luxury tobacco, but that would be too self-indulgent in light of the legislative momentum that is usurping our rights. It is refreshing to see a State in America where the citizens and legislators remember the values our founding fathers espoused. I imagine that since Virginia was home to Thomas Jefferson, it is no small coincidence that they continue to preserve the most basic American freedoms. Let's hope that Virginians, and other Americans, continue to rise above the hysteria and fear surrounding Environmental Tobacco Smoke, and preserve our right(s) to define and pursue our own happiness.

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