Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Absolute Present

At this moment I am about to light up a Padron 1926 no. 40. I must confess that I have a profound love for these cigars, but they require my full attention: they are too good to smoke while dilly dallying. In fact, the 1926 series, like other great cigars, COMMANDS your attention... and that is a spectacular compliment. Anyway.... a few weeks ago I visited Jose Orlando Padron in Miami and I asked him to cut my no. 40 to show me exactly where he thought the cut should go. Obviously, you can cut your figurados however you want... but I wanted first hand advice on this cigar. He took his guillotine and cut mine at about a forty ring gauge: so, to me, this must be the perfect cut. I have just replicated the cut on my new (actually 2 year old) no. 40 and I am staring at it wondering how in the world anybody can create such a firm cigar with a perfect draw, especially after box pressing. As I look in wonder, I put the cigar in my mouth and start to draw... then I put my hand on the foot to see if I could feel the suction. Lo and Behold... the skin on my palm starts to be sucked into the cigar!!! The wonders never cease with great cigar makers. It's like MAGIC.

I'm reminded that I got into this business so I could be privileged enough to smoke cigars like these.... and I'm glad I did.

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