Thursday, September 13, 2007

Banning Fast Food?

If I had a therapist I think they would force me to write this particular blog so my head would not explode.

Some intellectually bankrupt and misguided politicians in Los Angeles are trying to ban any new fast food establishments from opening in south Los Angeles, since the "obesity" rate is 6% higher there than in the rest of the city/county. I contend that AMERICAN legislators have gone completely mad and lost all sense of what AMERICA is. And of course, there are marginal "authorities" popping up all over the area praising this ridiculous act because they believe it will help people be "healthier". All of this with no regard to free market, capitalist, or democratic principles, much less the value of FREEDOM and the Individual Pursuit of Happiness. Of course I don't believe fast food leads to happiness, but I also don't think this is the right approach: Masking symptoms does Not cure the disease. And I would imagine that the so-called "disease" of obesity in this area is probably linked more to lower incomes and failing educational systems. We should be helping people empower themselves instead of taking away their choices and freedoms! (good, bad or indifferent)

Where are today's Big Thinkers? Leaders with long term vision? And Legislators with an appreciation for our Constitution? I suspect the only ones left are sitting around at their retail Tobacconists lamenting the sad state of our nation's small minded legislators.

When will we learn that legislating "HEALTH" is not the job of government? Nor can a society be managed by health statistics, or its success be determined by individual longevity!!!

It is the job of our government to protect our FREEDOMS and our Inalienable Pursuit of HAPPINESS... as defined by the individual.

There........ the pressure in my head has been relieved a little... now it is time to smoke a cigar...

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