Friday, June 13, 2008

If It Saves One Life....

"If It Saves One Life, It's Worth It" - this is a quote from a 15 year old high school student in California whose class was notified by state troopers and the administration that several students were killed in drunk driving accidents (Allison Hoffman, AP). Apparently, most of the children were crying, screaming and understandably traumatized. Several hours after being told this the officials notified them it was not true: they were just trying to teach them a lesson! What a sick, sick world we are living in now. And I am not surprised that this is happening in California, land of usurped freedoms, health zealots, and all-knowing government.

Abraham Lincoln said "Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves". Thank you Mr. Lincoln, but what in the world are our small-minded leaders doing?

The notion of "If it saves one life..." is the most intellectually bankrupt idea of our modern age. Aged cheese, meat, peanuts, driving, and life in general can be deadly. Human life is cheap and priceless all at once. In places like Darfur it seems like people have no value, yet we all know life is precious. But the value of one life cannot be exchanged for another's. Preserving freedom and the right to pursue happiness is what makes life precious; without that, we are all just someone else's sheep. Government should focus on empowering our lives, not saving, shaping, limiting, or scaring us into submission. Empower us through Education....

* The painting shown here is insane, just like the "if it saves one life" notion.

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