Wednesday, August 20, 2008


It is no exaggeration to say that Nicotiana is the earth's most extraordinary plant genus: harvested for its leaves, the largest cash crop (non food) plant on earth, used for approximately 10,000 years, yet its most popular species, Tobacco, is not found growing anywhere in the wild. In order to understand the natural human connection to Tobacco we must learn its history and the value it has added to people for thousands of years. This is a perspective that our contemporary and smoke-hysterical society fails to see; but through Tobacconist University we hope you will find enlightenment and enhanced appreciation. We are adding new content on Nicotiana and Tobacco to our curriculum on a regular basis. In particular, TU's professional researcher, R. Sloane Franklin, CRT has just written an extraordinary piece titled Tobacco use in the Americas before 1492. Check it out, it will enhance your appreciation and remind you why luxury tobacco is a natural and valuable part of a life well lived.

"...understanding tobacco's history as symbol and agent of the sacred, the royal, the medicinal and the pleasurable serves only to enhance our appreciation of premium tobacco products today. Once can indeed say that to enjoy fine tobacco is to enjoy the pleasures of gods and kings."

- R. Sloane Franklin, CRT

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