Monday, September 1, 2008

Smoking Stats

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 4.3% of men and .3% of women in the US were cigar smokers in 2005.

According to the same CDC data, 27.5% of men and 19% of women smoked "any tobacco" product in the same year. (Interesting - how women discriminate against cigars.... that should change.)

Adjusting the "any tobacco data" to exclude pipe & cigar smokers, this means that about 22.6% and 18.6% of adult males and females, respectively, are cigarette smokers.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, US adult population (18+) was 217.8 million, as of 2003. That means there are 10,018,800 cigar smokers out there (male and female combined), and 89,733,600 cigarette smokers.

It is important to note that 75% of cigar smokers enjoy less than one cigar a day!

And, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) says there are 'no known negative health consequences' from less than one cigar per day!!!

If you go to the NCI website and sift through the information, you will see many selective statistics, biased information, and even their attempt to tell you that not smoking cigars will 'improve your quality of life'. They even venture to define Quality of Life; as if any organization or government could.

Fortunately, the truth is that only you can define your Quality of Life. And, as an American, we [theoretically] still have the inalienable right to pursue our own happiness.

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