Monday, January 26, 2009

Super-Events: Outlaw Cigar Co. - content preview

Offering anything different from the usual store operations can constitute an Event. The key to having a successful event is communicating it to your customers! Even those that do not attend will appreciate the service and recognize you as a vital business who strives to please their customers.

Something as simple as providing coffee, donuts, and a newspaper on a Sunday morning can be marketed as a “Cigar Brunch” while cigar makers, food, live music, and endless other novelties can be brought together to create a Super-Event.

While most Tobacconists may be satisfied to organize intimate events with 10 to 30 customers, others can be more extravagant. The Super-Event is defined by its scale and ambition. Perhaps any event that extends beyond the physical boundaries of you store can be a Super-Event. While Super-Events may be hard to define, you will indubitably know one when you see it.

Case Study:
The Outlaw Cigar Co. in Kansas City, MO has monthly events which draw thousands of visitors. Located in a suburban mall, The Outlaw utilizes its parking lot (and store) to create what is America’s biggest and most exciting regular cigar party. While this type of event may not viable for all Tobacconists, it is the ultimate example of what extraordinary (Certified) Tobacconsits, organization, and leadership can accomplish.

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