Monday, March 9, 2009

Cigar Shoplifter: Senior Citizen X

I can't put into civilized words how gut wrenching it is to watch people steal cigars from my stores. Every Tobacconist with a walk-in humidor experiences significant theft and it is a f&%^#ing nightmare.

Its a shame that this animal will probably never be caught, but I will do my best nonetheless. What drives me nuts is that he doesn't need it... he just WANTS it... feels like he DESERVES it.... And the worst part is that I am knee deep into rising health insurance costs for four of my employees and I am sick to my stomach about what I am going to do. They are raising our premiums another 20% this year and its brutal... my Tobacconists rely on our health insurance and the next cheapest alternative plan will require a $1,500 annual deductible... which is practically like not having health insurance at all. I'm sick to my stomach trying to provide health care to people that deserve it and este pedaso de mierda me esta robando... me cago en su ma..... Oh, sorry, my anger deviated me into Spanish. Anyway... this sucks.... But I'm onto you grandpa.... coming for ya.... no mercy.... Actually, this is all bluster because the police and prosecutors (in New Hope, PA) barely bother to defend retailers rights.... but that is another blog.

Other videos of senior citizen shoplifters can be found here.

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Moro said...

Estupido comemierda...Why do people do that, especially when in his position? He isn't poor. Question: how too deal with such people?