Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Product Placements - Intro

Product Placements are technical product listings in our academic curriculum which are used to teach Tobacconists and consumers. Companies participating in Product Placements (PP) donate their products to the TU Product Library and get a picture, technical specs, and hotlinks in the academic curriculum - (read more). While PP help support TU services and the websites, they are also an ideal resource for consumers and Tobacconists. Looking for new Torch Lighters, Double Guillotines, Two-Way Humidifiers? Just go to TU and get the facts! Learn about the products that interest you, in an educational environment; free from marketing exaggerations and advertising bias.

We have spent years creating this 'product' and are very excited to introduce you to it. At this point, you will see one extraordinary manufacturer who has contributed and is participating with TU - that is Xikar. In addition to extraordinary products and service, Xikar continues to lead the way in quality and innovation and we are grateful for their help and vision while helping us develop the TU Product Placement model. While many companies are getting ready to participate in PP, Xikar was the first and that says a great deal about their commitment to Tobacconists and consumers.

Companies who participate in Product Placements are doing TU, Tobacconists, and consumers a great service. While they could spend their money in a myriad of ways, they choose to focus on Tobacconists and consumers interested in educating and improving themselves. PP companies are helping us build a more professional and prosperous industry, one Tobacconist at a time: 'preserving luxury tobacco for generations to come'. For that, we are very grateful.

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