Saturday, December 13, 2008

Prohibition 2.0: Boston & Dallas

This December the Boston Public Health Commission voted unanimously to ban smoking outdoors on bar and restaurant patios. Similarly, the Dallas City Council successfully voted to ban smoking 15 feet from public doorways. Both cities banned the opening of new cigar bars and Boston has only allowed cigar bars to exist for the next 10 years. WTF?

These laws are based solely on a hysterical response to the fears of secondhand smoke. In reality, the outdoor bans only protect citizens from the potential of odor annoyance; since educated and reasonable people understand that a whiff of smoke is no more unhealthy than a sip of whole milk. In addition, banning the opening of new cigar bars is the equivalent of sanctioning a monopoly - far from protecting business owners and individual rights. And, only allowing them to exist for 10 years is just an insulting usurpation of rights - as it is common sense that you need at least a ten year lease (with options) and a commercial mortgage usually lasts 20 years. So, how can anyone expect to build a career, invest in their community, take care of their family, and live the American dream under these conditions? Or, is the American Dream only available to non-smokers?

Any politician who votes for laws like these is placating a mis-informed public, fear mongering, usurping rights, and undermining the most fundamental values behind our Constitution; including but not limited to the pursuit of happiness as defined by the individual. Please be proactive and help us protect our rights by signing The Tobacconist Preservation Act.

To learn more about these new Prohibitions see CRA or CC. To learn more about the lies behind secondhand smoke propaganda read what Dr. Michael Siegel, a scientist with integrity, has to say at

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