Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Well,,,,, the New Hope, PA Smoking Ban has been pseudo-repealed since the state court determined that it violated the Clean Indoor Air Act and municipalities, other than Philadelphia, have no right to enact laws that supersede the reach of state laws. Blah, Blah, Blah... But the New Hope Borough Council knew this when they passed it. Of course they wanted, and got, all of the feel-good publicity that seems to go along with "protecting the health and welfare of the population".


“There's still the threat of the smoking ban,” said Jorge Armenteros, the president of A Little Taste of Cuba cigar store on South Main Street. “There's still the momentum for that among politicians who want to enact oppressive laws.”

Its funny, and TRAGIC, how politicians perceive their repressive laws, actions, and mentalities to be heroic. They believe they are SAVING you, me and the general public. In reality, they should sit down once a week with a great cigar and think about how they can improve their own lives while not ruining ours.

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