Wednesday, May 21, 2008

America's Hardest Working Tobacconists

I did not exaggerate one bit when I called The Oultaw Cigar Co.'s owner, Kendall Culbertson, a Tobacconist Genius, and I may be understating it when I say that The Outlaw Tobacconists are the hardest working Tobacconists I have ever seen. In addition, their Passion, Expertise, and Professionalism is inspirational and unparalleled!

I just spent the last week at The Outlaw finalizing their Certifications and I think it was more educational for me than it was for them. My heartfelt thanks go out to Brad, Kevin, Dirick, Scott, Tim, and of course Kendall. These gentlemen put on a spectacular show (or 'party' as they call it) every single month, where thousands of people show up to celebrate cigar smoking and camaraderie. While they prepare to feed, entertain, hydrate, and service the crowds, they also know that within 30 days they will have to do it all over again. And they start immediately after the party ends.

The event this past Saturday with Jorge PadrĂ³n was spectacular! We had more fun than many governments would consider legal. And we smoked and laughed ourselves into a perpetual state of joy and merriment. But the best part was seeing THOUSANDS of customers being serviced VERY WELL! The Outlaw Tobacconists are the best of the best, and that is defined by their commitment to their customers! .... not just their work ethic. While I was there I saw them compensate a Cigarpass member with cigars and a humidor after his was stolen; they all stayed on their feet for twelve hours, and never stopped being hospitable and smiling.

Dear Outlaw Certified Tobacconists;

It was a pleasure and thrill to meet and hang with you. I look forward to our next meeting. Thank you for your hospitality. And thank you for being the best at what you do. You are an inspiration to this entire industry. You have my friendship and respect.


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