Thursday, May 15, 2008

Certified!!! Miami Cigar & Co.

Well, it has been quite a week for Tobacconist University, and all involved. I was in Miami from Friday to Tuesday Certifying the Miami Cigar & Co. office staff and Salesforce. While I expected it to be fun and rewarding, that turned out to be a great under-estimation. I could not be more proud and thrilled to have such an extraordinary group of people as the first CST organization. While I have known Nestor, Mariana, Rene, and Daniel for many years, it was a special treat to meet their extended family.

I have to catch a plane to Kansas City, to Certify The Outlaw Cigar Co., in six hours, so I don't have time to properly pay tribute to Tobacconist University's most recent additions to the family. But I could not go another minute without at least acknowledging this special accomplishment. TU is thrilled to work with such an outstanding group of people. A company is only as good as its human assets, which makes it a privilege to work with Miami Cigar & Co.

We have many new announcements coming in the next month! But I would like to acknowledge our most recent Retail Tobacconist Certifications as well: Blue Havana II (Alpharetta, GA), Smoking Joe's Cigar Co. (Marietta, GA). And there are many more to come before the IPCPR convention in Las Vegas in July.

Buckle up and stay tuned for more exciting news and events... we are on our way, and in excellent company!

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