Wednesday, July 23, 2008

200 People + 2000 Years = 1 Cigar

Yes, its true: 200 people + 2000 Years = 1 Cigar*. While most educated Tobacconists know that the leaves in a premium cigar have been touched by human hands over 300 times, we also know that it takes decades and generations of knowledge and traditions to produce a great cigar**. In fact, cigar making is a communal effort based on science, artistry, and oral traditions: it begins with humble farmers and culminates years later in a Tobacconist's humidor. But the term 'cigar maker' can be misleading because it takes far more than one man to make a great cigar. In fact, great cigar makers rely on many individuals throughout the 'cigar-making' process. And those individuals, such as farmers and rollers, often carry knowledge passed on to them from previous generations. Obviously, great cigar making cannot be learned from books; even tobacco agronomists rely on 'old-timers' and oral history.

The fact is that more than two thousand years of human experience goes into every cigar we smoke! Ponder this thought the next time you enjoy a great cigar.... This is a profound perspective***.

Remember, great cigars take more time and skill to create than great works of art and architecture. Yet, their destiny is to return to dust.... Savor your time.... and cigars.

* Formula: "Leaves x Job/People x Generations x (Years) Experience = Total Years Contributed to a Premium Cigar". Assuming a Premium Cigar contains 6 different leaves, we can calculate that over two thousand years of human experience contribute to making a premium cigar. All of these numbers have been conservatively estimated: there is no need to exaggerate the extraordinary nature of premium cigar making.

6 Leaves x 1 Agronomist/Master Farmer x 2 Generations x 20 Experience = 240 Years
6 Leaves x 10 Farmers/Farm Hands x 1.5 Generations x 10 Experience = 900 Years
6 Leaves x 10 Curing/Fermentation/A┼łejamiento Specialists x 1 Generation x 10 Experience = 600 Years
6 Leaves x 10 Sorting & Quality Control Specialists x 1 Generation x 5 Experience = 300 Years
2 Torcedore: Bunchers/Wrappers x 1.5 Generations x 10 Experience = 30 Years
10 Packaging/Handling x 1 Generation x 5 Experience = 50 Years

*** Eloy, Gracias por tu perseverancia y perspectivo!!!

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