Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tobacconist Traffic

While Tobacconist University uses the internet to broadcast our academic curriculum and other services (for free), we are not an 'internet company'. We do not sell our traffic (clicks) or allow advertisements, and we go to great lengths to distinguish our educational platforms from simple information and infotainment. As a University it is our mandate to research, learn, and teach. In that process, we certify and promote the credibility of our retail Tobacconists.

As we ask potential sponsors to help fund certifications and academic development, we make it a point to de-emphasize our internet traffic, since we are not 'that kind' of company. In reality, we do not measure our success in quantity, but quality - like education vs. information. With that said, our internet statistics do offer some amazing and unparallelled facts: our average visitor views 8 pages while more than 40% view more than 3 pages; 11% of our daily visitors spend more than 40 minutes on the site while 60% spend more than 3 minutes.

I think the daily traffic picture above says it all (red dots represent 5 or more pageviews): serious people from all over the world spend significant amounts of time learning about luxury tobacco - through Tobacconist University. I know the internet site looks 'different' as there are no frames, advertisements, or constantly changing headlines with sensationalized information. We don't report on current events or host chat groups or product sales techniques. The uniqueness of our website occasionally leaves people confused since we are used to being bombarded with marketing messages. But in this case, different is good: we are sharing substance and quality, for free.

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