Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Power of Certification

I have previously written about Outlaw Tobacconist Kendall Culbertson and the Certified Tobacconists at The Outlaw Cigar Co.. I knew they were a special group of Tobacconists when they became the first pilot CRT store in early 2008. And, I knew they would continue to excel after they accepted the Code of Ethics & Standards, studied, and became Certified.

But, I never expected Certification to yield super-human, crime-fighting Tobacconists who would stop carjackings, rescue cigar vendors under attack, and apprehend criminals!!!

I will leave the reporting to TV stations and cigar news websites.... but I just want to go on record stating that there is now anecdotal proof* of even greater benefits to Certification and the power of our Code of Ethics & Standards.

*Admittedly, Outlaw Cigar Co. is an extraordinary organization with equally impressive Tobacconists and customers. At the very least, Certification didn't hurt...

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