Monday, May 25, 2009

Voice of Freedom

# 53
2009-05-20 15:00:42
Tomasch, Nathan

"As a proud member of a nation founded upon freedoms that once were the envy of all other nations, I am distraught over the over-reach of current tobacco laws. Regulation of the sale and use of a legal product should be minimal and logical and it is my perception that the current taxation and penalty conducted in regards to tobacco usage is skewed and unevenly discriminatory towards the tobacco smoker. The details can be discussed later. At hand now is the final bastion of tobacco use that isn't marred by a false sense of shame and guilt; the tobacconist's. Surely consumption of tobacco at an establishment catering to such would seem self-evident! Any attempt to cease the legal and adult consumption of tobacco at a tobacconist's will be met by fierce protest and resistance. Even us smokers, self-apologetic and crippled by law, will not tolerate this final offense to our civil liberties and legal choice."

I think this comment says it best... posted here with permission from Mr. Tomasch. Sign the TPA.

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