Tuesday, May 26, 2009

National Nestor Miranda Cigar Day: Friday June, 12

Miami Cigar & Co. and Nestor Miranda will be celebrating their 20th Anniversary on Friday June 12th at over 500 retail tobacconists across America. Any customer who purchases ANY cigar at a participating tobacconist will receive ONE Nestor Miranda Special Selection Danno 20th Aniversario cigar for free; as a token of Miami Cigar & Co.’s appreciation and their commitment to consumers and tobacconists. This could be the biggest and best giveaway our industry has ever seen! And it could not come from a more extraordinary group of people and company.

Miami Cigar & Co. is the world’s only fully certified salesforce of CST. Both their in-house staff, salesforce, and Nestor Miranda himself are all TU Certified Tobacconists. Their leadership, generosity, and commitment to consumers and tobacconists is unparalleled in this industry.
You can visit Nestor Miranda Cigars to find a participating retail tobacconist.

In my continuing efforts to be brief, I will refrain from writing a book here… but I would like to add that there are few companies or people with the character and integrity of the Miranda family and Miami Cigar & Co. All you have to do is google Nestor and/or Miami Cigar & Co. or read through the Cigar Aficionado archives to learn what character and perseverance are all about. Congratulations to them on 20 years of excellence… we are looking forward to the next 20!

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