Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Junk Science of Tobacco Control

Dr. Michael Siegel wrote a great article last week titled:

Around the year 2000, as smoking ban laws gained momentum, 'big tobacco' (the only people with the resources to fight) seemed to stop challenging any of the extreme, ridiculous, and unfounded propaganda released by the anti-smoking and tobacco control movement. So, for almost a decade we have been bombarded by exaggerated claims, fear mongering, and extreme taxation and legislation furthering the goals of tobacco de-normalization.

I will leave the commentary and analysis up to Dr. Siegel... but I would agree with his assessment that the tobacco control industry has run amok and there is no one (substantively) standing in their way. Just yesterday I saw a nicotine gum advertisement where they encourage people not to stop smoking cigarettes 'cold turkey', even though this is the most successful method. Instead, they encourage you to use the nicotine gum and tell you you will have 'a higher success rate'; while in tiny print on the bottom of the screen it says 'over a placebo'.... Meanwhile, the image of the cold turkey quitter is of him walking off a cliff/building... as if he is committing suicide by quitting 'cold turkey'... Someone/thing needs to keep big pharma in check and who better than big tobacco?

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